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 Changing Lives

After 3 years of support of orphanages, churches and slumbs in the neighbourhoud of Kampala, we are setting sail for a living in Uganda, wthout any security. In november we will move for at least 6 months in the pearl of Africa. A mission, a calling, a new country, a new future, a new life.

We say thanks to all of our friends. Thanks for the friendship, it was absolutely no waste of time and we will not be out of sight. We know that you will keep us in your prayers, send us mails or even visit us. You are welcome.

If you want to support us, whatever amount, all is welcome. Please send us a mail or use the button below. Thanks for your help.

Mukama Yebezibwe

www.onsnieuwekamp.nl - www.koopthier.nl - www.all-you-need.nl - www.bulamu.org - www.facebook.com/bulamu.org - www.gopherit.es


Support is possible from 2 euro up to 9999 euro. If you want to donate more please send us a mail